Do women have a sixth sense? Do u believe in it....?

Extrasensory perception

The sixth sense is another term for extrasensory perception (ESP). ESP involves the reception of information not gained through the usual senses nor from an internal source. The expression “sixth sense” is a bit misleading in that it suggests that there is only one additional sense besides the traditional five senses which are sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. In fact there are at least five additional senses that include: pain, balance, joint motion/acceleration, sense of time and sense of temperature. There could also be an additional sense of direction.

I personally do believe in a sixth sense..

Girls can tell the difference in your tone of voice, the way you act etc just because I as a girl, always watch for body language, attitude etc when speaking to other person  as im sure they do to me. 

girls analyze everything. if you cheat on ur girl, she will find out. girls arent stupid.


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