Do u know Humans are the only animals known to cry for emotional reasons.😢😭?

Crying is a common human action, and it can be triggered by many different emotions. But why do humans cry?
Researchers have found that crying can benefit both your body and your mind, and these benefits begin at birth with a baby’s first cry. Keep reading to learn more about the health benefits of crying.
1. Detoxifies the body
There are three different types of tears:
  • reflex tears
  • continuous tears
  •  Emotional  tears
2. Helps self-soothe
3. Dulls pain
4. Improves mood
5. Rallies support
6. Helps you recover from grief
7. Restores emotional balance
8. Helps baby breathe
9. Helps baby sleep

Crying in response to something that makes you happy or sad is normal and healthy. Don’t shy away from shedding tears if you feel the need to release. Excessive crying is something you should chat about with your doctor, however. If crying starts to interfere with your everyday activities, it may be a sign of depression.
Other symptoms of depression include:
  • feelings of sadness or hopelessness
  • feelings of irritability or frustration
  • changes in appetite, or weight loss or gain
  • lack of energy
  • trouble sleeping or sleeping too much
  • unexplained aches or pains
  • thoughts of death or suicide


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