Do u know about son beel lake is used for farming also?????????

son beel lake.

The beautiful and mesmerizing lake, Son Beel also called as Shon Bill is one of the largest lakes of Southern Assam’s Karimganj district. The most amazing thing about Son Beel is that it becomes a farm land for rice cultivation during winter till March and then the land fills with water and becomes a lake. The less depth of the lake makes it overflow during rainy season and the water meets Kushira River through Kakra River and flows to Bangladesh. This phenomenal lake has all type of fish including its specialty, the Bhujia fish. The lake gives a picturesque landscape with hills on both east and west sides. The inlet and outlets of Son Beel is River Shingla that originates in Manipur.


The mesmerizing seasonal wetland is house to many Hizol trees which offers an amazing view around the lake. The trees stand tall in both dry and wet seasons and the half merged Hizol trees are a point of attraction. Apart from that, sunrise and sunset near the lake gives you a colorful view with sun rays reflecting in different ways. The night sky is full of stars with lake shining in the dark.

Son Beel can be easily reached from Karimganj which is just 43 km away with a driving time of 51 mins. You will find various transports like government buses, private taxis, etc to reach the beautiful and seasonal wetland Son Beel.


If you are a nature lover then Son Beel is best visited during rainy season that is March onwards till the beginning of winters. Till then the lake is full of water and offers a view that is hard to find elsewhere.


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